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My Saturday - It all seemed so easy when you were doing it.

About My Saturday

Previous Entry My Saturday May. 13th, 2006 @ 06:57 pm Next Entry
Today I cleaned the upstairs all morning. That was nice. Then Matt and I spoke to our moms when they called to thank us for the stuff we sent them. I sent Matt's mom a nice arrangement of Irises, and I sent my mom a gigantic fortune cookie. Seriously, gigantic! It measured 7 inches across and weighed 1 pound. My mom said it tasted good, so that's good.

Well, Matt decided he wanted sushi for lunch and the nearest place to get some decent sushi is Whole Foods. For those of you who scoff at grocery store sushi, go to Whole Foods before you say anything. Their sushi is actually fantastic. So I went. And I had to park like 4 stores away (for those who know the Dublin Whole Foods, I was parked in the Aquarium store parking lot.) Ridiculous. And the store was freaking packed. I normally go to Whole Foods in the evening during the week, so this was my first Saturday go-round. Someone hit me with their cart! Ridiculous.

On my way home, I was cut off by two people. I freaking hate people.

But it gets better.

A while later Matt and I decided to go grocery shopping. As we were perusing the aisles, we passed this one family several times. The little girl was wearing a purple princess dress, white socks, one sandal, and one tennis shoe. The mother also had two little boys with her as well. The first time we passed them, the girl had taken off the top of her dress, and her chest was exposed. The mother told her to put her sleeves back on, and as Matt and I turned the corner I heard her say, "I'm going to cut my arm off!" The second time we saw them one of the little boys was holding up a pear and his mother was telling him he couldn't have it, while the little girl ran around the produce section. Then, as we were checking out guess who was behind us in line? The same family! The little girl took off her shoes and threw them and one of the boys was pulling candy off of the shelves in the checkout line. If I was that woman I would have been crying hysterically. I felt so bad for her.

Anyway, my nerves are shot. Now I'm watching Anchorman. I love Steve Carell.
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